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Marlins optimistic about a couple of pitchers


The Marlins are optimistic Anibal Sanchez, coming off shoulder surgery, will be ready for spring training, and say Ricky Nolasco, hampered by elbow inflammation in '07, has looked good in the Arizona Fall League as a starter

I'm optimistic too.  But time will tell whether it is justified.

It is true that Nolasco did put up a number of good starts in the AFL.  Not to diminish his accomplishments, it is indeed a good sign, but the AFL isn't every fifth game in the majors for 182 162.  That is assuming he is used as a starter and presently I don't think that can be avoided.

Sanchez coming off shoulder surgery will hopefully be ready but don't expect the Anibal of old, at least initially.  Shoulders are very complex things and it may take a while for everything to function properly again.

I guess the moral to story is: it will be good to have them back, but don't expect too much early on.