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More on Cabrera and the Angels

This really isn't anything new, but it does lead to a question.

If the Marlins don't budge from their four-player demand for Miguel Cabrera, here's one potential return from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: second baseman Howie Kendrick, catcher Jeff Mathis, outfielder Reggie Willits and a pitcher, anyone from Ervin Santana to Joe Saunders to Nick Adenhart.

Why in the world is Ervin Santana still being mentioned as a part of a possible trade?

I will admit that I haven't followed his career through the majors, but I don't see it.  Last season he was 1-10 on the road with a 8.38 ERA.  He pitched considerably better at home, which wouldn't be hard to do.  Still, if he is pitching for the Marlins it won't be in Angel Stadium.

Not to mention he is about one year away from arbitration -- I just don't get it.  Would someone please explain it to me?