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The Rays new stadium

The Naples News pens this:

Lo and behold, guess which Florida Major League Baseball team is next in line for a new stadium?

Is it the Florida Marlins or the Tampa Bay Rays, formerly the Devil Rays?

It's the Rays, even though their Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg is much better suited for baseball in the subtropics than cavernous Dolphin Stadium.


The concept has a prime fan -- Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. He lives in St. Petersburg. We'll see what his announced support means in terms of state subsidies, which have been a sticking point for the Marlins' years-long campaign for a permanent park worthy of the big leagues.

Uh Huh.  Let me know how that request for a second funding subsidy, which is necessary for the project to be built, is received by the State Legislature.  Especially given the present economics the state faces.

Good luck to the Rays, although Tropicana Field is a more attractive and fan-friendly venue than most fans and baseball writers like to say it is.

Maybe the can-do spirit can rub off on the Marlins.

It has absolutely nothing to with a "can-do spirit".  It's about money and all the "can-do spirit" in the world won't pay for a stadium.

But I really do wish the Rays well.  Especially since if they should get a second subsidy it would make the Marlins case stronger also, should they choose to reapply.