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The Angels acquiring Torii Hunter may impact Cabrera deal

The Angels acquisition of Torii Hunter has caused speculation galore about whether they will continue to pursue Cabrera.

I have no idea what the Angels will do.  Their GM is a rookie, therefore there isn't a track record.  However I do suspect that the Angels will do at least one more trade given that they are overstocked with center fielders and starting pitching.  Who it will be -- You decide.

You can go with this.

When the Los Angeles Angels agreed to sign free agent center fielder Torii Hunter to a five-year deal worth $90 million late Wednesday, it might have set the stage for another major acquisition: Miguel Cabrera.

''I think it's an indication that they're going [to make a deal],'' one baseball insider said Thursday of a rumored deal that would have the Marlins sending Cabrera to the Angels for a collection of prospects.

Or you can go with that.

Even though the Angels just signed CF Torii Hunter to a 5 year deal worth 16 million a year, they're still not done. According to my sources, the Angels have shown more interest in Baltimore Orioles SS Miguel Tejada in recent days. A source close to revealed that while the Angels are still interested in Miguel Cabrera, the Florida Marlins asking price is just too steep right now and their focus has shifted to Tejada who would fill the void left by Orlando Cabrera.