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Stadium News - Sort of

And it just keeps getting worse and worse.

The Marlins, who offered $207 million toward a $500 million-plus stadium (mostly in rent payments), have dropped that by ''$30 million to $40 million,'' Miami city commissioner Joe Sanchez said. (That is because the site changed from downtown to the Orange Bowl.) ``It's very frustrating. My patience is running thin.''

Let's see, the stadium previously had a $30 million funding deficit and now it has a $60 million to $70 million and that doesn't include the rising cost of the construction which is increasing daily.

We are now getting to the point that even if the state were to agree to help out with the funding, Ha!, it still wouldn't cover the cost of construction.

I may not know much about good, but I've a lot of experience with bad -- and this is looking bad.