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The Yankees come to Miami during the Spring

For something completely different, the Marlins and the Yankees will play each other towards the end of spring training.  Mbaamin was the first to bring this up in yesterday's Open Thread.

The Marlins announced on Thursday that they will face the Yankees on March 28-29 at Dolphin Stadium in two Spring Training games. Florida may still play one more spring game on Sunday, March 30, but that date has not yet been scheduled. The Marlins will have a workout on March 31, before the April 1 opener.


The March 28 game will be at 7:10 p.m. ET, while the March 29 contest will start at 6:10 p.m. ET.

This offseason should be interesting for both clubs and who knows what the makeup for each team will be.  But it does give the Yankee faithful in South Florida a chance to see their favorite team, however misguided their loyalties are.  They really should have adopted the Marlins by now and the Yankees should just be a distance memory.  But alas, that isn't the way things work.

Hopefully, the Marlins will close out spring training in the traditional fashion by playing the Isotopes.

The rest of the Marlins spring training schedule should be released soon.  Any guesses on how many times the Fish will play the Cardinals?