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The Catcher Situation

It gets more interesting all the time.

Mbaamin and Sashimi did an excellent job of covering the Mets refusal to sign Torrealba in the Weekend Chum Bucket, so I feel no need to recap it.  Go read their discussion if you want more info.

The Mets not signing Torrealba brings a couple of things into the mix.  Are the Mets, now, more willing to enter into negotiations with Lo Duca?

And are the Marlins going to follow suit and forget about Torrealba?

These all questions which will soon be answered.  But what concerns me is that, say the Marlins are outbid by the Mets for Lo Duca and they come to same conclusions about Torrealba that the Mets did and the front office still has it in their heads that the Marlins need to sign a free-agent catcher, that leaves only expensive crap.  Which is something the team doesn't need.

Time will tell.