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Mike Lowell's Eyebrows

Do What?!

We will get to that in minute.

In the meantime Mikey and his agents are playing hardball with the Red Sox and are looking to up the ante.  In other words, he is at least looking to get a four-year contract, as opposed the three-year one they offered.

The weekend came and went without Mike Lowell coming any closer to rejoining the Red Sox [team stats].

While general manager Theo Epstein continued talks yesterday with Lowell's agents, Sam and Seth Levinson, there still appears to be a healthy divide in terms of what the Sox are offering and what the third baseman feels he might be worth on the open market.

With the New York Yankees cooling on the idea of offering a deal to Lowell to play first base, his best option might be the Los Angeles Dodgers, who continue to be linked with the Los Angeles Angels as the main suitors for Florida Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera.

While I love Mikey and there will always be only one Mikey as far as the Florida Marlins are concerned, at least in my mind.  He will be 34 come February and Cabrera will only be 25 come April.

Lowell is an excellent defensive third baseman, Cabrera...not so much.  But Cabrera is an impact player when standing in the batter's box.

Which would lead one to believe that, assuming the Marlins actually trade him, he would be the better investment.  Of course, Lowell only cost dollars whereas Cabrera will cost young talent.  It will be interesting to see which team values the one over the other.

Now to the eyebrow thing.

Alewives Girl gave her rating of the top eyebrows and don't ask me how she came up with the results.  But anyway the winner is:

1: Mike Lowell- World Series MVP and Boston Red Sox third baseman. Hands down the BEST eyebrows I have ever seen. If Martin Scorsese's eyebrows had a love child with Giselle Bundchen's eyebrows, the result would be Mike Lowell's eyebrows: In other words, larger than life, perfectly manicured and groomed, salt and pepper gorgeousness. And that's how I feel about THAT. Mike, you're a silver fox with those things (even though you're only 33 years old). Your old man eyebrows are like masterpieces hanging over your little boy chocolate sundae eyes, speaking of wisdom sooo beyond your years. The Florida Marlins were INSANE to give you up, and there loss was our big, bad gain. Not so much for the 2 World Series, the Golden Gloves, the team leadership, nooo, but for the brows.

And Beinfest didn't take the best eyebrows into consideration, what was he thinking?

If you would like to see her entire list, just click on the link.