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Wiley to work on the pitchers mental approach

While Wiley is concerned with the complete package, he feels the mental aspect of the game needs to be improved among the starters.

Wiley says working with young pitchers requires making them feel they belong.

"I really believe that you can overanalyze," Wiley said. "When you are competing in the big leagues, and you first get there, there are mechanical things that you need to keep an eye on. But it's really the mental approach of the game that really short-circuits some guys and keeps them from being real comfortable at the big league level."


"I feel it's important to make the guy aware of the things he has to do to make himself better," Wiley said. "The physical things, the mental things, the preparation -- the things you hear so much about -- the young guys really haven't had a lot of practice in those areas. It's my job to teach them. I've always felt it is very important to be on the same page with the catchers. That's why I have the catchers in the pitchers' meetings all the time. They are such a big part of helping the pitchers be successful."


"For me, when I've had young pitchers, there are a lot of things that go into making that guy aware and feeling good about himself, and having him feel like he can compete at the Major League level," Wiley said. "When he feels like he is not in over his head, and that he is accepted as a big league player, once a guy feels those things, he becomes much better rather quickly."

I don't know how many very good former major league pitchers I've heard state that once you get to the Bigs it is mostly a mental game, but it has definitely been a lot.  Meaning, you have already proven you have the stuff to compete, but now you have to show you have the head.

And if your thinking is hurting your pitching, quit thinking -- the catcher will do that for you.  Which is another reason the Marlins don't need Barrett.  And no, I won't let this die.