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Torrealba will not be Marlin

Which is more than likely true, however, I have learned in life to write nothing in stone until it happens.  But this is looking very good.

According to his agent:

The Marlins' hopes of landing Yorvit Torrealba were dashed as the Rockies free agent is making the most of a soft catching market. Torrealba is set to cash in today, just not with the Marlins.

Agent Melvin Roman confirmed Wednesday night Torrealba eliminated the Marlins from consideration as other teams stepped up their offers. The Marlins are believed to have put a two-year deal for about $7 million on the table. The Mets reportedly made Torrealba their prime target and are believed to have guaranteed four years.

Woo Hoo!

One really bad idea averted with two more to go.  Now if we can just get the Barrett and Maroth ideas to go away, we will be set.