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The Catcher Situation

Mbaamin brought to our attention that the Mets are making a serious play for Torrealba.  Works for me.

The Mets are interested in the free-agent catcher Yorvit Torrealba and are willing to make him an offer they do not expect him to refuse. But if he does, or if he dawdles, the Mets will have no problem proceeding with backup plans to plug their catching vacancy.

The Mets have zeroed in on Torrealba, who played for the National League champion Colorado Rockies, and could offer him a multiyear deal worth as much as $5 million annually, which would be a hefty raise from the $1.075 million he was paid last season. The Rockies remain interested in retaining Torrealba -- the Florida Marlins are suitors, too -- but have reportedly capped their offer at $7 million for two years and would not match what the Mets would give him.

(The emphasis is mine)

If the Marlins give Torrealba $3.5 million a year for two years, I'm going to need a new computer, since this one will be flying out the window.

Hopefully the Mets will save us from ourselves.

Now if we can get some other team to buy into the idea that Barrett would right for them, we would be set. And we can forget all this nonsense.