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More on Cabrera

The sports writers were busy this weekend speculating on Cabrera.  Jon Heyman of didn't really add that much to what you already know.  But by his estimations, Cabrera is gonna to cost a lot.

Big surprise.

The White Sox are honing their bid.

The White Sox will be outbid for Miguel Cabrera if a prospect-rich team such as the Angels or Dodgers is willing to meet the Marlins' price.
Still, the Sox are in the mix for Cabrera, according to major-league sources, with the intent of playing him in left field.

Left Field?!  Really?!

It goes on.

For the White Sox to acquire Cabrera, they probably would need the Red Sox to re-sign third baseman Mike Lowell, the Angels to balk at moving second baseman Howie Kendrick and the Dodgers and Yankees to focus on pitching instead.

In the admittedly unlikely event that all of that took place, the White Sox then would need the Marlins to accept a package of, say, left-hander Gio Gonzalez, third baseman Josh Fields and center fielder Jerry Owens.

Such an offer probably would be too light, but perhaps the Sox could acquire additional prospects for right-hander Jon Garland in another deal. Then again, parting with Garland on top of Gonzalez -- one year after trading Brandon McCarthy -- might not be such a good idea.

The White Sox will probably try to wrestle Cabrera out of South Florida, but they don't have what it takes at the moment.

And then there is this:

The Angels rather have Cabrera than A-Rod.

It appears that Alex Rodriguez will be the Angels' last resort for upgrading the offense -- not the first priority.

The Angels would rather spend the money it would take to land A-Rod, who reportedly is seeking $30 million-$35 million a year, for two or three other players, including a power-hitting third baseman.

Thus, the Angels will examine options such as Florida's Miguel Cabrera, Baltimore's Miguel Tejada and St. Louis' Scott Rolen before seriously considering A-Rod.

The Angels have the pieces to get the deal done, but if Cabrera is indeed traded, I would rather it be to the Dodgers since their players would be a better fit.