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Anibal Sanchez's Grievance

Anibal Sanchez's grievance continues forward.

Marlins pitcher Anibal Sanchez ''is upset,'' his agent said, after a meeting with team management did not resolve a dispute over whether he was injured before or after his May 4 demotion to the minors. The issue has financial stakes, and agent Dan Lozano will proceed with a grievance against the team.

''The Marlins are essentially questioning his integrity. That's disappointing,'' Lozano said. The Marlins hope Sanchez will return from shoulder surgery by spring training, or soon after. Lozano indicated he's ``ahead of schedule.''

You already know where I stand on this.  If the pitching coach couldn't see he was injured he should have been dismissed.  Oh wait...he was.  Of course, that wasn't the reason given for letting Kranitz go and it probably had nothing to do with the Marlins sending him packing.  But it should have factored into the decision somewhere, along with the awful Dontrelle experiment.

The article went on to say this:

The Marlins know they need more veteran leaders, and for reasons beyond performance. One Marlins person said there was too much childish behavior from several players (including on team flights), and no consistent policing of it. One of the first issues a coach from an opposing team brought up about the Marlins was lack of discipline.

It is very true that the Marlins need some veteran leadership and Boone's injury was a problem for this year's team in terms of losing veteran leadership.  However, when a coach from an opposing team team says the Marlins lack discipline, it could mean several things.  And given what he is probably privy to, it more than likely he is speaking of defensive blunders, swinging at bad pitches and stupid base running mistakes.

Then again, maybe the team needs the reins tightened.

(Tip of the hat to Fish Chunks)