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Marlins Arbitration Eligible

I've been meaning to bring up the fact that there are many Marlins who will eligible for arbitration during the offseaon.

 There are eight Marlins eligible for arbitration for the 2008 season. A year ago, there were four.

Once again, part of the arbitration process are Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Miguel Olivo and Gregg. Eligible for the first time are Sergio Mitre, Matt Treanor, Justin Miller and Alfredo Amezaga.

Mitre will probably be back, the same with Treanor, Amezaga and possibly Gregg.  The real question has to do with with Willis and Cabrera.

If the team doesn't see a baseball only stadium in sight, or if they don't like the proposed location of the stadium, then both Willis and Cabrera could be moved.

A couple of months ago I would have said that the team trading both of them was preposterous.  But given the rumblings from the front office, now I'm not so sure.

Hopefully, management will breakout the checkbook and keep most of the team together.  I know there needs to be improvement in many areas, but a wholesale change in personnel isn't called for.

The Marlins just need to get their pitching staff back.  And maybe, just maybe, Andy Fox can help with the defense.

But whatever happens, it should make for an interesting offseason.