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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Two)

The playoffs keep trucking along and here are tonight's contests.

Actually before we get to that, there was some confusion about the Player of the Game and Above and Beyond picks.  And I accept all blame for that.

Once again you will be picking the winner in each contest, along with a player and an AAB pick for the late game.  In other words choose a player and an AAB pick for the Chicago vs. Arizona game only.

Once again, I'm sorry it wasn't clearer yesterday.

Now, on to tonight's games:

Game One: Colorado (Morales) at Philadelphia (Kendrick), 3:07 p.m.

Game Two: New York (Wang) at Cleveland (Sabathia), 6:37 p.m.

Game Three: Chicago (Lilly) at Arizona (Davis), 10:07 p.m.

Here is today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

Brickell PHI CLE CHI D. Lee Lee: 8+ TB
Bumppo COL NYY CHI A. Ramirez Lilly: 7+ IP, ER < 3
C60 COL CLE CHI Soriano Game: R > 15
Colombo PHI NYY ARZ Byrnes Diamondbbacks: GW R in 7th or later
Dan PHI CLE CHI D. Lee Sariano: leadoff HR
Fishcrazy PHI CLE CHI A. Ramirez Sariano: 3 K
Fluxuation PHI CLE ARZ Davis Diamondbacks: 1+ R in 1st 3 inn.
HadMatter COL Game: SB > 4
Hurricane COL NYY ARZ C. Young Wood: 1+ IP, 0 R
Jim B COL CLE ARZ Byrnes Game: 1 SB, 1 CS
Mbaamin PHI CLE ARZ Drew Lilly: IP < 5, R > 3
Stlcardinalfan COL CLE ARZ Byrnes Lilly: IP ≤ 5, 4+ R

Best of Luck to Everyone!