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Open Thread

We are getting closer to naming FishStripes offseason Open Thread. I would like to thank everyone who made a suggestion or supported one they liked.

Today, we have a poll in the comment section of this thread to help narrow it down. The reason the poll isn't in the main poll area in the right sidebar is because it is possible, however unlikely, that FishStripes will get an unusual amount of hits today.

Yesterday the site received over 600 unique visitors and about a 1000 page views. Needless to say, that isn't our usual amount of traffic during the offseason. And since we're looking for the opinions of FishStripers, I would hate to see it tainted. If you read this site with any regularity (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, most anything will do), whether you are a registered member or not, you are a FishStriper -- so vote away.

What we are trying to avoid, by the poll being in the comments, is a bunch of Yankee fans making the decision for us.

But enough about that.

Let your voices be heard.