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Stadium News - Sort of

We sort of already knew this, but it now has been confirmed.

A panel of Miami-Dade County commissioners gave the go-ahead Tuesday to continue negotiating a deal for a Marlins ballpark at the site of the Orange Bowl, but three commissioners said they will balk if the team lowers the amount it committed to the project earlier this year.

Members of the Airport and Tourism Committee said they support building a stadium, but only if the county, city of Miami and team are partners and meet the commitments already pledged.


"If the Marlins come up with less money on the table, you're going to lose this commissioner," Commissioner Carlos Gimenez said.

The Marlins have expressed concerns that a ballpark at the Orange Bowl won't be as economically successful as one in downtown, but Marlins President David Samson said Tuesday the team accepts the site. He would not discuss the team's contribution.

"We just have to make sure it's a deal that makes sense for everybody," Samson said.

Let me see if I can translate weasel speak.  What Samson is saying is that, fine, the Orange Bowl is the site but that doesn't mean the team is going to chip in the same amount it agreed to do for the downtown site and we are checking out other options.

I'm really starting to wonder if they are holding back room talks about relocating the team.  Because the way it looks from here, it is either the Orange Bowl or Bust.  And the Marlins seem less than enthusiastic about signing on.

Time will tell.  We should know by the middle of December.