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Aaron Boone Files for Free Agency

Mbaamin reported this in yesterday's Open Thread and as expected, Aaron Boone completed the paper work to become a free agent.

The formalities continue as Aaron Boone became the second Marlins player in two days to formally file for free agency.
The 34-year-old infielder is one of three Marlins eligible to file for free agency.


While Boone has taken the first step in being a free agent, he has expressed interest in returning to the Marlins. Already, his agent, Adam Katz, has had some preliminary discussions with the front office.

The Marlins have the exclusive negotiating rights for Boone and Benitez until Nov. 12. If deals aren't reached by then, both would be free to talk with all 30 Major League teams.


On Sept. 4, Boone underwent a left knee scope. While he missed the entire second half, he is expected to be at full strength at the start of Spring Training.

Like I said yesterday, everything will hinge on whether his knee will allow him to return to form.  If it does, I assume that the Marlins will offer Boone a contract and that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Now, that leaves only one left to file.

Byung-Hyun Kim, who is represented by Scott Boras, is the only remaining player expected to officially file from the 2007 Florida squad.

I had forgotten that Kim is represented by the Devil.  I guess Boras is too busy dreaming about which island he will buy with his A-Rod dollars to file for Kim's free agency.  But it will happen.

Expect Boras to explore all options in the open market before considering a contract from the Marlins.  Which is probably the best thing to do for his client.  If the market is dry, so to speak, and it could well be, they may be willing to take the Marlins offer.