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Torrealba a Marlin?

The Denver Post is reporting that the Marlins are considering Rockies catcher Torrealba.

Catcher Yorvit Torrealba, as much any Rockie, raised his profile this fall even as he insisted Monday "that nobody knows who I am." Not exactly. The Mets and Marlins do and have interest in the free agent. The Rockies would like to have Torrealba back, depending on his price tag. Colorado will pursue Paul LoDuca and possibly Michael Barrett when they become free agents.

"I would love to stay, I can tell you that. Where else can I go where it's like this? They treat me outstanding. We made it to the World Series," Torrealba said. "I would love to stay, but it's not up to me."

I think we have been over this before, but what the hey, it won't hurt to repeat it.

Assuming Olivo isn't re-signed and I pretty sure he won't be since the team actually wants catchers who know....catch.  The Marlins will need to add another catcher to the 25-man roster.

Personally, I don't feel that Torrealba will add that much to the club, other than costing money, instead of letting Treanor being the lead catcher and having either Baker or Hoover as the backup.