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Cabrera a possible target of the Yankees?

Since A-Rod decided to look for greener pastures, there is a lot of speculation as to who will take his place.

The vacancy at third base for the New York Yankees could pave the path for trade discussions with the Marlins involving third baseman Miguel Cabrera, who is gradually pricing himself out of Florida's moderate budget.


If the Marlins trade Cabrera, the asking price will be steep. They would almost certainly demand top, young prospects in return for an All-Star hitter on a Hall of Fame career trajectory. One possible trade piece could be Melky Cabrera, the Yankees 23-year-old center fielder.

But the Marlins would likely want pitching help thrown into any trade involving Miguel Cabrera, who has averaged 31 home runs, 116 RBI and a .327 batting average over the past three seasons.

The above article is just a bunch of speculation which comes during the Hot Stove time of the year.  I wouldn't take it too seriously at this point.  But if the Marlins do indeed trade Cabrera to the Yankees it is going to take a lot more than Melky Cabrera to get him out of Florida.  The deal would probably have to include Philip Hughes and probably a minor leaguer along with Melky, at a minimum.

We are going to hear a ton of rumors as the winter progresses concerning the Marlins -- we always do.  The vast majority probably won't be true, but I will say this: it is entirely possible that this could be one strange offseason for the Fish.