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Benitez files for Free Agency

As Mbaamin reported in yesterday's Open Thread, Benitez has opted to become a free agent.

The second time around in a Marlins' uniform for Armando Benitez wasn't as productive as his first.
Now, the veteran reliever's tenure with the Marlins could once again be coming to a close.

On Monday, Benitez formally filed for free agency, a move that was expected. The veteran reliever, who turns 35 on Nov. 3, can exclusively negotiate with the Marlins until Nov. 12.

If no deal is reached by then, he becomes free to speak to the rest of the league.


Benitez is one of three Marlins eligible to file for free agency. Infielder Aaron Boone and pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim also are expected to file soon.

Benitez won't be missed should he go to another team.  But the possible weird thing is that he could get an offer from the Marlins given the front office's strange desire to have a veteran, no matter how much past their prime, pitch in relief in the late innings.

I hope it doesn't happen.

Boone and Kim will probably receive offers from the team.  Boone's will depend on physical status after returning from knee surgery.  Kim's will depend on how much money he wants.  If he is willing to accept a small or no raise in salary, he could be with the Marlins for the 2008 season.

Let the offseason begin.