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World Series Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Game Two)

Today you get a two in one post, a sort of analysis of last night's game and the usual Open Thread.

Man, were the Rockies rusty.  The young pitchers velocities were up but they didn't have command of any of their pitches.  This is pretty normal for such a long layoff.  Not to mention the hitters couldn't find their timing.

I know the Rockies played a lot simulated games during their time off but it is impossible to simulate a World Series game, especially one that Beckett is pitching.  Once the veteran relievers in the bullpen entered the game, you know, the ones who have experienced long intervals between outings before, they were able to shut the Sox down.  That or the Sox were tired from scoring so many runs.

The Rockies will show up and hopefully the rust is knocked off after the first game but I wouldn't be surprised if it will take a couple of games for them to return to form.

If Jiménez is struggling with his control more than normal, I expect the Rockies to use the veterans in the bullpen early.

Anyway, here is tonight's game.

Colorado (Jiménez) at Boston (Schilling), 8:29 on FOX.

If Jiménez doesn't overthrow and can find the plate, he could cause problems for the Red Sox.  Especially since they have never seen him before.

Schilling isn't the Schilling of old and relies more on his breaking stuff now.  If it is working, he can be tough.  If not, he is very hittable.

Ichthyomancy is ready for game two of the World Series.

Here is today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper COL@BOS Player AAB
Bumppo COL Helton Schilling: L, IP < 6
Colombo BOS Lowell Lowell: HR
Dan BOS Ramirez Jimenez: BB > IP
Fishcrazy BOS Youkilis Game: margin of victory > 3
Hurricane BOS Lowell Game: margin of victory < 3
Jim B COL Helton Rockies: 6+ 2B
Mbaamin BOS Ramirez Schilling: 6+ IP, 5+ K
Stlcardinalfan COL Holliday Holliday: 2+ R

Best of Luck to Everyone!