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Aaron Boone working the World Series

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Boone has landed a gig as a reporter for covering the World Series.

Aaron Boone figures enough time has passed that his presence at Fenway Park won't engender vitriol from Red Sox fans. He has come here as a visiting player with the Indians and recalled, "I received a solid, healthy chorus of boos. A good, solid visitor's welcome." Boone finished off the Red Sox in the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 7 of the American League Championship Series in 2003 when he homered off Tim Wakefield at Yankee Stadium, sending New York to a 6-5 win and on to the World Series. It was one of Boston's worst moments.

Boone, who played third base for the Florida Marlins this season and is now a free agent, was at Fenway yesterday working for CBS Sportsline and recalling his greatest moment.


Asked whether Sox fans get on him when he comes to Boston, Boone said, "I don't know. I haven't been 'jumped' so far. I got in late last night. I took a cab over here and walked down Yawkey Way and kind of turned to the side. I didn't want to find out. If they had never won here, it would probably be worse for me, but they won. That's all in the past."

Somehow I doubt that is all in the past.  When the Red Sox fans quit referring to Boone as "Aaron F**king Boone", then it will have passed.

When asked about something more important than the stinking Yankees and Red Sox, he had this to say:

Eligible for free agency next month, Boone, 34, said he had talked with the Marlins and was open to a return. He said his rehab from Sept. 4 surgery on his left knee was complete.

"I get the feeling they're at least interested, but I don't know at what level," said Boone, who hit .286 in 69 games for the Marlins this season. "I'm certainly open to it. I had a good experience."

Boone said he thought the Marlins were waiting to see medical reports on his knee and suggested he would be willing to travel to South Florida for a pre-signing exam.

If Boone is ready to go, I sure wouldn't mind having him on the team next season.  The team can use the veteran leadership, not to mention an excellent infield insurance policy.

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