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Stadium News - Sort of

DuPuy still has the Marlins stadium on his mind.

Bob DuPuy, the league's president and chief operating officer, said he spent two hours working the phones Tuesday before heading to Boston for the opening of the World Series.

"We're continuing to talk," DuPuy said Wednesday night at Fenway Park. "We've talked to the principals of the city and the county over the last couple of weeks. Floated some ideas and we're going to keep working at it."


"That's one of the reasons for the urgency," he said. "We're very tight. But our goal is to still open in 2011 or things get more expensive and the losses continue to pile up [for Marlins ownership]. The architects and the club have been looking at what can be done to expedite construction so we can still get open in 2011."

Those ideas do not include building an open-air stadium, DuPuy said.

DuPuy said a previously discussed site in downtown Miami is "off the table," adding the Orange Bowl site is the only one being considered at this time.

Let me help translate what "expedite construction" means.  It means the proposed luxury boxes will remain the same but for those of us who aren't made of money -- we are going to get a crappy new stadium which will happen to be in a less than desirable location.

To expedite construction they will decrease the number of restrooms, food kiosks and the number of aisles making the seating rows longer.  If you think the latter doesn't matter, go to a game in Minnesota and see for yourself.

Naturally, I want the Marlins to have a new ballpark but after all these years, does it have to be done on the cheap?