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World Series Predictions

Predictions, oh we've got 'em.  It turns out everyone and their dog has a prediction.

This is my third offseason blogging at FishStripes and something that has been constant during this time of the year and it is this: there is rarely any Marlins news during the World Series.

Trivial things can be announced but most of the major things are strictly off limits, as per MLB's guidelines.  Of course BP or THT may write something of interest about the Marlins, which someone (see Dan) will probably cover in the Open Threads.  If for some reason it isn't, I will bring attention to it.  But don't expect anything original from me.  The one thing I have learned about the blogging the offseason is that it is long and shooting all your bullets early isn't the best strategy.

So with that in mind, FishStripes may become a World Series blog for a few days.  In that vein, here are some World Series predictions, we will start out with the home folks.

Joe Capozzi takes his shot for the Palm Beach Post.

Not to be out done, Greg Stoda also chimes in for the Palm Beach Post.

The Miami Herald decides that Chris Ruddick of The Sports Network is the way to go.

The Baseball Digest Daily News tries to answer the question, Rocktober or Soxtober?

Howard Bryant gives his five reasons why the Red Sox will win.

Jayson Stark counters with his five reasons why the Rockies will win.

So there you go, something to think about before you make your  Ichthyomancy pick for who will win the series and the number of games it will take the winning team to do it.