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Cliff Floyd wants to be a Marlin again.

Floyd would like to end his career with Florida.

Free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd said he is thinking about retiring after 15 seasons. But first he wants to take a swing at ending his career where he had some of his best years -- in Florida.

"I would love to come to the Marlins. You know how far we go back,'' said Floyd, Florida's left fielder from 1997 until July 2002.


"If I don't get an offer, I can tell you I'm retiring,'' said Floyd, who will turn 35 on Dec. 5.

Floyd is likely to get offers from several teams. But whether the Marlins are interested remains to be seen. They need a center fielder, but he now plays the corner outfield positions and first base.

Then there's the money issue. Floyd said he wants a 2008 salary near the $3 million he made on his one-year deal with the Cubs. He hit .284 with just nine homers and 45 RBI in 108 games.

Floyd avoided injuries, which plagued the early part of his career, but he didn't put up the numbers he did with the Marlins. Nevertheless, he still thinks he can be a regular.

Notta gonna happen.

There is no way that he will be a regular on the team.  Hermida will be the right fielder and Willingham will start in left.  For now, that is where the future stands.

And the Marlins can't/won't pay $3 million for a platoon player and a PH off the bench, no matter who it is.

I like Cliff and I have fond memories of his time spent with the Marlins but that time is in the past, where it will stay.