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Marlins sponser charity walk

This happened awhile ago but it has just now come to my attention.

Fishermen say that the better the bait, the more interesting the fish. In this case, the University of Miami caught the eye of the Florida Marlins with the third annual walk for multiple myeloma planned for Oct. 14.

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority is hosting the walk for multiple myeloma, a cancer that renders cells in the immune system ineffective. The sorority expects students, community members and the Marlins to participate.


The Marlins, a sponsor of the event, will be showing their support by supplying a free lunch, giving away freebies and raffling off autographed equipment.

Tog of coral gables dailyphoto blog has a pretty cool photo of the inflatable Billy the Marlin in the Student Union Plaza.

I know for a fact that some of the FishStripers are UM students and I understand we are not early risers by nature, but c'mon --  Not one of you saw this on campus?!

Come to think about it, it was during the time that the NL was playing midnight baseball.  Never mind.