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Jack McKeon on the Rockies

Jack has something to say, and truthfully, I would be disappointed if he didn't.

McKeon, the former Marlins skipper, managed 15 years and experienced a little bit of everything. Some of his teams were simply not very good, and some were better than expected, as was the case in 2003 when he took over a Florida club that floundered through the first five weeks, producing a 16-22 record.

Five months later, McKeon's Marlins were 91-71 and well on their way to their second World Series title in seven years.


When the Marlins were closing in on the Wild Card in early September, McKeon had a meeting and told his players to "check their egos at the door." He told the club he didn't care who got the wins or saves, he was going to go with whoever gave the team the best chance to win.


In watching the Rockies, McKeon marveled at the similarities between this club and his former world championship club.

"I said about two weeks ago, this Colorado team reminded me of us in '03," he said. "Everything is going their way. They are getting all the breaks. They are playing great, like they really want it. They are playing unselfishly. I think they've got a chance to win it."

Sounds about right to me.

When we finally get this party started you will be making a bonus pick which will include the World Series winner complete with the number of games it will take them to achieve the title.

But that will happen tomorrow.

Gamefish has already put a best guess forward at Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker.  Whether Gamefish is an excellent prognosticator or not remains to be seen, but all information is being provided to you.  Well, maybe not all, but at least some.