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Day Off Today

Major League Baseball is taking an off day today.  Tomorrow the playoffs start with that special playoff roster.  So it is unlikely that the Rockies can send 10 pitchers to the hill again as they did last night.

In fact if Julio pitches again this season, I will be completely surprised.

Ichthyomancy changes a little bit when we get to the Divisional Series, but that will be covered tomorrow.  If you read the comments in the Open Thread about how we were going to vote on something, I've changed my mind.  More on that tomorrow also.

In the meantime this is an Open Thread, so discuss anything your heart desires.  But if you are just itching for something to read:

Checkout Gamefish's latest entry at Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker.  Though there are apparently some FishStripers who care nothing for the Rockies and if you are one, you might not find it all that entertaining.  However, if you aren't, it is well worth a read.

Photi chimes in with a recommendation.

Maverick has been giving his Season Wraps for the Guppies: here is the one for the Hammerheads.

I'm sure there are many others that I am neglecting but at least that is a start.

And as always, Have a great day!