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End of the year recap

Good blogs do a recap of the year, which is why you won't see one here.  I have tried to convince myself that writing the seminal end of the year recap (like I could) would be a good thing in the past.  However, I have never found the time.  And this year I won't even pretend that I will.

But I will give you a brief synopsis:

Much of starting rotation was injured and the ones that remained healthy had off-years, but maybe not completely of their own making.  Though we did get to see some promising arms who were called up to take the place of the injury ridden.  

The defense sucked.

The bullpen pitched very well, most of the time.

The offense scored a bunch of runs and hit for power, but not always when it mattered.

I think that about covers it.

And I'm guessing that none of the above comes as a complete surprise to anyone who follows the Fish regularly.

If you would like to read the year in review from some thoughtful people, they are as follows:

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