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Stadium News - Sort of

A study of the Orange Bowl site concluded that it would, besides the costs of the stadium, also need to an extra $12 million in roadway improvements.

Tack about $12 million on to that bill, consulting firm HNTB Corporation told Miami and Marlins officials in a draft traffic study.
   It identifies four problem intersections: Northwest 12th Avenue at Northwest 12th Street; Northwest 12th Avenue at Northwest Seventh Street; Northwest 12th Avenue at West Flagler Street; and Northwest 17th Avenue at Northwest Seventh Street.
   A $7.8 million reversible one-way lane system around the site managed by "special event electronic lane control" is the firm's "keystone" recommendation for easing expected traffic.
   "The system would operate counterclockwise during game arrival times and in a mixed pattern after the end of games to provide maximum capacity to key highway ramps and arterials," the report said.
   It names parking as the site's main downfall, calling for further study to determine where to accommodate the additional 5,000-6,000 spaces needed.

I can believe that parking is the main downfall since, believe it or not,  $12 million isn't a lot to pay for roadway improvements.  I could breakdown the roadway construction cost for you, but watching your glaze over isn't really a goal of mine.  It's just an ancillary benefit provided from time to time.

My guess is that the cost of roadway improvements would fall to the City, County or State.  Or possibly a combination of the three.  After all, the Marlins don't own the roads.

I guess the important thing to take from this is that the politicians are seriously considering the feasibility of the location.

It beats just talking about it.