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Johnny Damon willing to be a Marlin

Johnny Damon released a partial list of the teams he would be willing to play for.

Damon instead has a limited no-trade that includes a strategic, hand-picked list of 12 teams that the Yankees can deal him to without his consent. He has the option of changing any or all of those teams before every season.

On the current list, Damon divulged for the first time, are teams such as the Royals, Devil Rays, Marlins, Mariners and Twins.

That is an interesting list.  Damon's contract is $13 M a year through 2009 and the teams he mentions rarely pay that much for a player, with the exception of Seattle.

While I wouldn't mind seeing Damon patrolling the Bermuda Triangle, even with his weak arm.  Though I doubt the club would pay that much for a center fielder and possible leadoff man.