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Marlins have a New Radio Home

The expected happened and the Marlins have a new radio flagship starting next year.

On Thursday the team announced that it has reached a multi-year deal with 790 The Ticket (WAXY) to broadcast its games in English. WQBA 1140 AM remains the club's Spanish-language station.

Since the Marlins' inaugural 1993 season, 560 WQAM had been their flagship station. But in April, after the Miami Dolphins returned to WQAM, part of that agreement called for the radio station not to renew its contract with the Marlins.


According to P.J. Loyello, the team's senior vice president of communications and broadcasting, 790 The Ticket has the option to add a manager's show, general manager's show and team president show.

"We're not only looking to do something from April to September," Loyello said. "We're looking to do something all year."

I do like the all year idea.  However, I do hope if they add a manager, general manager and team president show it won't be the same slapstick, lowbrow stuff that has been done in the past on 790 The Ticket interview shows.  But that might be asking for too much.