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Changing Capes

Kevin Sherrington of the DMN had this to say about this to say about the Rangers.

Question: How many major league teams have never won a postseason series?

Answer: Only two now. One is Tampa Bay, a team that just compiled the worst record in baseball and finished last in its division for the ninth time in 10 seasons...


The other member of the Zero Club is the Rangers...

Stick with me here, it will eventually be a post about the Marlins.

His article goes on.

To be fair, the organization's postseason malaise goes all the way back to its seeds in Washington, beginning in '61.

Meanwhile, organizations have sprung up all over baseball in the last 46 years. Only five have failed to play in a World Series: Tampa Bay, the Expos/Nationals, Seattle, Colorado and the Senators/Rangers/@!#$!!&%$!!!.

The Angels, Arizona, Milwaukee and Houston have made the World Series. The Mets have done it four times. Toronto, San Diego and Florida each have gone twice, and in at least one case, with completely different teams.

Now comes the part that made me smile.

The Marlins' idea of rebuilding is to run into a phone booth and change capes.

I'm not exactly sure that is an accurate description of the Marlins rebuilding process, but it works for me.

It is always nice when an outside writer holds a favorable opinion of the Marlins, especially since so few do.

Aside: the Rangers appear to be, finally, on the right track with their team.