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Day Off Today

Marlins news is going to very light today, and by light, I mean nonexistence.  But that happens this time of year, it will get better.  I hope.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't some things of note.

In case you wondering about that how the playoffs ratings were going for the TBS coverage this season versus what Fox and ESPN did last year.  Well, suffice it to say that TBS is kicking butt.  It goes to show if a professional broadcast is presented, without annoying announcers along with an intelligent wrap up, people will watch.

Byung-Hyun Kim has opted not to pitch for South Korea in the upcoming Olympic qualifiers.

Stlcardinalfan made a proposal last night concerning an addition to playoff Ichthyomancy.  If most are in favor, it is good by me.

Finally, FishStripers and Jason Wood share a number.  I'm not exactly sure how we got that number but at least for me, your thoughts may differ, I'm happy to be associated with Woody.

This is, of course, an Open Thread and anything that comes to your mind is fair game.

And always, have a great day!