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A Busy Winter for the Fish

Complete with his new title Beinfest may not stand pat in the offseason.

But Beinfest did predict a busy winter as the front office seeks ways to improve the two areas the organization had been known for until this year - pitching and defense.

"We cannot sit here and not be active given that we're last in pitching and defense,'' he said.

Since most of the errors were on the left-side of the infield, I doubt there will be much done in terms of personnel there.  I guess it is possible that would trade Jacobs and try to make a first baseman out of Cabrera, but that is extremely doubtful at this point.

Of course, if Loria sets a low payroll number anything could happen, including trading both Cabrera and Willis.  But that doesn't seem probable to me right now.

If the Marlins want to improve the error thing they just need to keep schooling the young ones.  As far as pitching goes, one: we need to get some healthy starters back.  Which may not be until 2009.  But in the meantime let the ones we have do what they do and offer some help where you can.  The next pitching coach doesn't need to try and "fix" everything, Kranitz already tried that approach and screwed up royally.  Given that a lot of 2006 starters will be returning from surgery, it should be one interesting spring training.

The other thing is: re-sign the bullpen.  It is the best one the Marlins have had in......forever.  Or at least since I have been following the Fish.