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Ichthyomancy Declares a Winner!

For 162 games the faithful at FishStripes competed in a contest known as Ichthyomancy and today we declare the winner.

Congratulations Jim B!

Most of the points Jim B made were on an uncanny ability to pick to the attendance and also on knowing the rare player to choose for Player of the Game.  Jim B almost never chose Cabrera or Ramirez but somehow knew when Ross or Jacobs or Willingham or Treanor, et al, would have a good game.  Not to mention playing the whole 162.

Bobbob standings picks performed well thanks to the impressive offensive display put on by the Marlins this season.

C60 and HadMatter were in it all the way and even spent some time in first, but alas, the championship didn't happen.  Colombo was his usual stellar self, always being near the top of the list.

A number of folks joined the competition late and put on very impressive displays, which are too many to list here.

I would especially like to thank Bumppo, Hurricane and Stlcardinalfan for playing all the way out.  Good work guys!

But not steal from Jim B's moment in the sun and I definitely hope that Jim B will be the first Ichthyomancy Champion to defend the title.  

I thank you one and all who played Ichthyomancy this season -- you're the best!