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HOF announced today

The new inductees to baseball's Hall of Fame will be announced today.  Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. should be shoo-ins to be inducted this year.  With some luck maybe Andre Dawson will finally make the cut, along with one of my sentimental favorites Bert Blyleven.  Though I won't be holding my breath in hopes that either Dawson or Blyleven will finally get their due.

The most "controversial" person on the ballot, Mark McGwire, probably won't be voted in but I would expect him to garner enough votes to remain on the ballot for next year.

The results of the voting will be released while I am at work and thus I will be unable to write anything about it.  If you would like to write a diary post about the outcome(s) of the voting, I should be able to post it on the main page sometime during the day.  If not, I will cover it tomorrow.

It's Hall of Fame day.