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Owens Damaged?

Photi posted a link to this article by Roto Authority about who will possibly be the Marlins closer should it be determined in house.  The part of the article that peaked my attention was this:

The concern is that Owens is pitching with an elbow ligament tear.  Cross  your fingers - if it doesn't flare up he could be the best Florida reliever in '07.

Do What!?!  He has ligament tear in his elbow?  That sounds more like he is gearing up to be reassigned to Dr. Andrews' team than complete the season with the Fish.

I know Fishfan24 is busy becoming Fishfan24, M.D. but if you have time.  Is it possible to go through a 162 game season while performing and the elbow ligament heal itself?

This doesn't sound promising to me.