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B.A.'s Marlins Top 10 Prospects List

Baseball America, actually Mike Berardino, presents their Marlins Top 10 Propects.

The article contains much more information than just the Top 10 Prospects List. It also has the "Best Tools" and the "Projected 2010 Lineup". I don't really agree with their projected lineup, though, I wouldn't mind it being correct. I don't think Cabrera will be with the team in 2010 and I'm not sure about Willis either. Both will become free agents after the 2009 season and it is conceivable that the Marlins will be outbid for their services. Willis is possibly sign-able before that date. Cabrera on the other hand is not, assuming something doesn't change.

But I guess we all have our opinions and that is what makes speculation about future events an enticing thing to do.