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Optimistic about the Stadium Deal

In case you haven't read this somewhere else, DuPuy, the number 2 man in MLB, is sounding "really optimistic" about the deal getting done.

Major League Baseball is closing in on finalizing a new ballpark deal in downtown Miami that would keep the Marlins in South Florida for a generation, the sport's No. 2 official said on Saturday night, just prior to the annual dinner held by the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation at a local hotel.
The ballpark, replete with a retractable roof, would be located in a redevelopment district just miles inland from the American Airlines Arena, which is located on the banks of Biscayne Bay.

"Our highest priority this winter is to get a ballpark deal done in Miami," Bob DuPuy, Major League Baseball's president and chief operating officer, told "We've had tremendous cooperation from the county manager and the mayor. There have been several meetings and we are really optimistic we can get this done. There's a will to get this done. It's necessary for the Marlins. We're committed to baseball remaining in South Florida."

If his optimism is justified, the stadium will be in Miami.  The location of the stadium could be the downtown spot everyone has been talking about or possibly somewhere else but in the neighborhood of that area.  The author doesn't exactly make the location that clear.

The deal would be a 60-40 split between public funds and the Marlins/MLB.  If you read the article, and you should, in order for the deal to take place it doesn't require any money from the state or a new county or citywide tax.  It is the first time that a possible funding agreement didn't include mentioning a financial gap or at least it is the first that I can remember.

For it to happen it requires the approval of the Miami City Council and the Dade County Board of Supervisors.  While not a given, that should most likely happen.  Assuming everything presented above is true.

There has been reason for optimism in the past and it didn't come to fruition and this may be the same.  But I must say, this is sounding more positive than anything I have heard before.  MLB has a history of getting stadiums built - Samson, not so much.

The fingers are crossed.