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Tickets - Buy Big, Buy Early

The ticket prices for the 2007 season were announced and if want to avoid a price increase you need to buy either the 81-game package or the 41-game package.  Other than that, the price is going up and it gets higher the longer you wait.

An infield box seat that cost $33 last season, for example, is increasing to $35 -- but only if the ticket is bought before midnight of the day of the game. On game day, the same ticket will cost $40.

The least-expensive seat in the house -- the so-called ''Fish Tank'' seats in the outfield -- is increasing from $8 to $9 when purchased in advance. But the price goes up to $12 if bought on the day of game.

General parking will remain $10.

Wow, that is good news...parking is going to remain at the discount rate of $10.  How does Huizenga sleep at night?  Yeah, I know, very well thank you, on a bed of $10 bills.

I doubt the new price structure will affect the overall announced attendance very much, though it may hurt whatever last minute walkup demand there is.

Honestly, the Marlins still have some of the "cheapest" tickets among the MLB teams, as they did last year when the attendance was the lowest in the majors.  That probably isn't going to change this season whether the team raised or lowered the ticket price.  No matter what they are charging, almost all of the fans will stay home and watch the game via the Rich and Tommy show.  That is way it has been and the way it will remain until there is a new stadium.

In some good news, the Marlins are going to play a retro game at home.

The team will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first World Series Championship in 1997 with players wearing a commemorative patch all season and throwback uniforms June 14, when the team hosts its 1997 World Series opponent, the Cleveland Indians.

If you are having trouble remembering what the Marlins looked like in 1997, well here you go:  1997 Marlins uniform.  And just for good measure here is Cleveland's:  1997 Indians uniform.

Should be a fun game.