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27 Invited to Spring Training

If you are lucky enough to make out to Jupiter, here some of the players you will be seeing.

The Marlins extended spring training invitations to 17 players signed to minor league contracts. They are: infielders Joe Dillon, John Gall, Zach Sorensen, Jason Wood and Scott Seabol; outfielder Alex Sanchez; catchers Chris Ashby, Paul Hoover, and Nick Trzesniak; right-handers Roy Corcoran, Nate Field, Lee Gardner, Mike Koplove, Wes Obermueller, Eddy Rodriguez and Jimmy Serrano; and left-hander Chris George.

In addition, Marlins fans will get a glimpse of touted minor league arms in big league camp. The 10 organizational players extended invitations: right-handers Gaby Hernandez, Jacob Marceaux, Ryan Tucker and Chris Volstad; left-handers Aaron Thompson and Sean West; outfielders Brett Carroll and Alejandro De Aza; and catchers Brad Davis and Brett Hayes.

Hopefully there is a legitimate center fielder in that group who is ready to make a go of it in the Bigs this year.

Jeff, my SBN colleague, at Brew Crew Ball wasn't that impressed with a few of the Marlins signees.  It is true that Sanchez does look like an act of desperation but he was signed to a minor league contract so if he doesn't workout, and he probably won't, the team can just move on with little cost. Anyway, someone has to fill out the rosters for the minor league teams. We have so many young guys on the 25-man roster that players are needed so that the younger prospects will have some teammates.