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Ramirez Tries to Spit the Bit

Hanley wants to continue playing in the Dominican Winter League.

NL Rookie of the Year Hanley Ramirez wants to return to his Dominican winter league team despite the Florida Marlins' request that he rest his injured shoulder.

Ramirez strained his left shoulder playing for the Licey Tigers in the Dominican league's playoffs last week. He was examined Friday by Marlins physician Dr. Dan Kanell and placed on a shoulder-strengthening program.

"I am going to call [the Marlins] to get permission to play," Ramirez said Tuesday night. "I think that my playing here in the Dominican Republic helped me win Rookie of the Year, so that's why I want to try to come back."

I can appreciate that he would like to finish the season with his team in his home country.  I suppose any true competitor would, but fortunately, that ain't going to happen.

Ramirez spoke later that night with Marlins general manager Larry Beinfest, who put to rest the idea of the defending National League Rookie of the Year risking further injury in Dominican Winter League competition.

Ramirez is shoulder surgery waiting to happen.  Strength training and rest may put off the enviable long enough for the Marlins to find/grow a center fielder, so that Alfredo can take over the position when it does happen, and it will.  Hanley continuing the Dominican season only has the potential to hurt the Fish, with little or no upside.