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The Magic Onboard

It seems that the Lightning's proposal for state money is garnering more support.  Not from the state legislators or the public, mind you, but from another professional sports organizations.

Magic representatives have begun to promote a plan that would double to $120 million the amount of state money that Florida's professional sports teams could use for arena or stadium improvements.

The idea was first hatched by the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey franchise. Magic spokesman Joel Glass said the team has not yet reviewed the exact language of the legislation, which a Tampa-area senator is in the midst of drafting.

But Glass acknowledged that the team has instructed its lobbyists to get involved.

While I think a case for the Marlins can be made, as for the Lightning and the Magic, who knows, I sure don't.  But I do know this, there is no well that will be infinite source of money.  Historically, when the Marlins compete for funds against every other professional team in the state - we lose.

Maybe the Magic joining with the Lightning will help the Marlins cause, then again it could also have negative repercussions.  For some reason it just feels like that as more teams pile onto this bandwagon, and in all fairness the Marlins haven't at least publicly, the least likely it will be able to pass.

Not that I really care whether the Lightning or the Magic can up their ante, but I do care whether the Fish can put a stadium deal together.  If the proposed legislation helps - great.  If it hurts - I hope it fails.

That's right, the Marlins are more important to me than the other two teams mentioned.  Who would've thunk it?