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Missed this one

In Jayson Stark's "The wild and wacky from 2006" published a few days ago, we get this gem.  Did anyone see this game?  I didn't since it was on Wednesday but perhaps you did.

MEET THE PITCHING STAFF DEPT.: In an Aug. 2 game against the Mets, the Marlins used a pitcher (Brian Moehler) to pinch-hit for another pitcher (Joe Borowski). Then, after Moehler got hit by a pitch, they used another pitcher (Scott Olsen) to pinch-run for Moehler. And two outs later, they used yet another pitcher (Logan Kensing) to pinch-run for Olsen. So that's a pitcher pinch-running for a pitcher who pinch-ran for another pitcher who pinch-hit for another pitcher. OK, you can all set fire to your scorecards now.

That is one interesting job of managing.