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Extra Innings Revisited

It seems the idea to make the Extra Innings package an exclusive of DirecTV isn't a popular one.

The move, which would remove "Extra Innings" from cable TV and make it exclusive property of the satellite provider, is more of a Stupidity Party. For a moment, forget about how this deal will anger fans who purchased "Extra Innings" on cable to see their favorite teams play each and every summer night since 2002. And forget about the intense fan backlash this potential transaction has already produced.

Read the article for details on "The Baseball Channel" and the lunacy of making it exclusive to only one provider.

If you would like to voice your opinion, you can contact MLB via email here:

If you do write them, be nice.  Starting out the first sentence with "What are you morons thinking?" probably won't get the rest of your complaint read.  Yeah, I know, they are morons but no one likes to be reminded of it.