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Anibal feeling some pain

Oh crap, this is not good.

Sanchez is having some shoulder discomfort.

The Marlins received a scare recently when pitcher Anibal Sanchez experienced discomfort in his right (throwing) shoulder and underwent an magnetic resonance imaging exam, according to an official close to the situation.

The MRI results are not believed to have indicated anything serious, but the situation bears monitoring heading into spring training. Sanchez felt discomfort while throwing in offseason conditioning in Venezuela

Anibal was a red flag for the upcoming season even before this occurred.  Sanchez threw 200 innings last season counting the minors and the majors, eclipsing his previous high of 136 the year before.  The injury nexus is thought to be around 175 innings.  While I think Anibal has the potential to become an ace, it is possible that he will struggle in the upcoming season.  It has been known to happen especially when a player dramatically pitches more innings in the previous season than he ever has before.

But Sanchez isn't the only one - Scott Olsen threw 187 combined innings last season, well above his previous high of 136 in 2004.  If I remember correctly, and there is absolutely no guarantee that I do, I think Olsen has the easier motion of the two and could end up being okay.

I guess the moral to the story is: don't be surprised if a couple of the young starter regress - it would be a normal occurance.  An unfortunate one but not unheard of.

The key is to keep them out of Dr. Andrews' office.