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Pretty Pictures

If you remember a post earlier this month showing a model of the possible future design of the new stadium.  You know the video with the high-tech turning mechanism.

The folks at stumbled upon some pictures that add a little more clarity to the design.  I would host the pictures but I have enough problems without being sued into the next century for possible copyright infringement.  So here is the link:

Downtown Stadium

It has been my experience in life that architectural models and artist renderings are rarely how the finished product will look.  But they do give a general idea about the appearance of the structure.

I'm still at a little bit of a loss for the purpose of the spire.  Not that everything architecturally has to have functional purpose.  But if the funding gap gets relatively small again, it seems to me that we could lose the spire if it will make the stadium happen.  Cause building that thing can't be cheap.