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Erstad a Marlin?

It seems there has been some discussion.

Free agent Darin Erstad still could return to the Angels as a backup first baseman and outfielder, but the Marlins and White Sox are offering him greater playing time, according to his agent, Greg Genske.


Erstad, 32, is expected to make his decision this week, Genske told The 11-year veteran, who has spent his entire career with the Angels, is seeking both an opportunity to win and chance to play every day.

The Marlins, who have failed in their attempts to land a young center fielder this off-season, want Erstad to be their regular in center.


Erstad, who played only 40 games last season due to a chronic right ankle injury, underwent surgery to shave down a bone spur in the ankle and remove scar tissue last October.

He recently said that he is feeling well enough to center field every day.

If the Marlins were to sign Erstad, he definitely wouldn't be the long term solution to the center field position.  But he could however save us from watching Alex Sanchez roam the vast expansive lawn in JRS.  Also while providing some time for either Brett Carroll, Tom Hickman or Jose Campusano to develop into what we hope they will become - an everyday center fielder in the majors.

The part of this possible deal that has me a little confused is that Erstad made $8.5 million last season.  I just don't see him signing-on for about a $1.5 million for a one-year contract.

Could be wrong.

If the Marlins do sign him, buy stock in Duct Tape.  The club is going to need plenty of it to keep him stitched together for the entire season.